It's the not-too-distant future, and the tedium of everyday life is making Mariko restless -- until one day when she discovers a crate in her attic, filled with vinyl records that her mother collected. Armed only with a pair of headphones, Mariko is suddenly transported to a vibrant world of music and shadow. Far from the monotony of home, she encounters new friends, navigates inscrutable machines, and evades capture by strange creatures, allowing her to build the inner strength to confront her own demons and discover the extraordinary rhythms of her "ordinary" life.

Created in collaboration with Manual Cinema // Co-commissioned by the John F. Kennedy Center and Hubbard Street 2, premiered September 2015

Choreography and original concept by Robyn Mineko Williams

Music Direction and Sound Design by Kyle Vegter

Puppetry and Projection Concept by Sarah Fonace and Julia Miller

Puppetry and Projection Design by Lizi Breit, Drew Dir, Sarah Fornace, and Julia Miller

Music Direction and Sound Design by Kyle Vegter

Music by Kyle Vegter, Kevin O’Donnell, BNL ANML, Potions, THIN HYMNS, Julie Byrne, Chandeliers (Chris Kalis, Scott McGaughey, & Harry Brenner), Bo Hansen, John Szymanski & Bethany Thomas, Verger (Robert F. Haynes & Tony Lazarra)

60 minutes